False Paradise

by Young Elk

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released June 15, 2019

All songs written by Ezekiel J Rudick
Produced and arranged by Young Elk
Engineered and mixed by Bruce Reed
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion in Portland, OR

Album photography by Kelly Reed
Design and layout by Ezekiel J Rudick

Ezekiel J Rudick: Vocals, Guitars, Synth
Tony Reyes: Guitars, Keys
Bruce Reed: Bass, Synth, Vocals
Nic Moen: Drums, Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Kendall Sallay: Vocals
Hannah Glavor: Vocals


all rights reserved



Young Elk Portland, Oregon

Distant, melodic, and at times, crushingly bleak, Young Elk take their more subtle musical cues from introspective americana, shoegaze, and minimalist 90’s indie rock, falling somewhere between Pedro The Lion, Low, and Slowdive.

Young Elk is Ezekiel J Rudick, Tony Reyes, Bruce Reed, and Nic Moen
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Track Name: Scenes from the End
Oh, god damn
Didn’t mean to write another song
About this grievin’
And all the shit that had gone wrong
But here I go again

‘Cause I can’t shake this melody
Or this darkness
No, just can’t let anything be

I’ve got this shovel
Now I’m diggin’
I’ve got this bible
I’m sick of readin’

Crucifixion look so good
When you’re not on the cross
Now you’re just nailin’ shit to wood
Thinkin’ of takin’ the night off

So now you’re drinkin’ on the job
Because you don’t know what to do
With that noise you can’t shut off

In your bedroom
Where you laid down roots
While your lover
Has given up on you
Track Name: Gossip Magazines
Bundle up and close your eyes
This was a lovely way to die
Outside the laundromat
Is where your mother sat
And sang country songs to me

Cause she read gossip magazines
And she ran barefoot in the street
With a bible in one open hand
And a holy burning

So why are you

She said we’d meet in paradise
But I could see the look in her eyes
She was so scared there was nothing
There was no one
Not a light in
The darkness
Not a light in
The darkness
No, not a light
Track Name: False Paradise
You were afraid to say goodbye
You made a promise to your mother when she died
That you would trade the truth
For a false paradise

We went to dinner on a farm
I was stuffing my face
When a strange man took me arm
I promised not to sound alarmed
He promised not to do me harm

I thought that you would be relieved
But you said that I was young
And I was seeing things
That’s when I learned what to believe
When you told baby not to speak

And that’s when the lights went out
Track Name: Ghost
You look like a ghost
With your hand around your throat
And we think that you might choke
Before the lights will lose their glow


Your nose it starts to bleed
And your heart it skips a bit
Before he put you on the street
With the dirt beneath your feet


And you
You look just like a ghost
You look just like a ghost
Track Name: Hanging Paper
Make a run for it at last
While you feel hollow
Pour a drink and raise a glass
To pills you swallowed

And how they sent you into a spin
You became a suburban shut-in
And your children made the bed
While you got lost in your head
In your head

Buy a one-way ticket to
Pour another drink or two
Pretend your shallow

Take a risk and call a friend
Pretend to wonder how they have been
Get mad don’t make a mends
Close your eyes until it ends
Until it ends

Started daydreaming again
Saw a vision of a man
He sat down by me on the grass
While my barefeet dangled in

To the water where I swam
And it sucked me right back in
And I forgot just where I’d been

So I started to sink
Deeper and deeper underneath
So I started to sink
Deeper and deeper underneath
Your feet
Track Name: Asleep at the Wheel
I try and try and try
To be a better friend
To those I keep around

I saw a good man die
And belly laughed as I
Watched him hit the ground

You long to be free
But you can never be

I cried and cried and cried
A sad confession that
I drank and slept around

I lied and lied and lied
And took a bunch of shit
That wasn’t mine

You wanted to breathe
But she won’t let you breathe

You wanted to bleed
But she won’t let you bleed

Now you long to be free
Track Name: Big, Bad Wolf
I started shivering
At the bus stop near my house
I hear she’s quivering now
When his hand touches her blouse

See, I remember rainy days
We sent the kids out to play
And I was forcing you to say
What you didn’t want to say

Does that make me cruel?

I grabbed a story book
From behind our daughter’s couch
And a little, black matchbook
I lit a smoke on my way down

See, it’s the little things
That I can’t quite figure out
Am I the big, bad wolf?
Will I blow this whole house down?

Does that make me cruel?
Track Name: Cops / Robbers
slept on the carpet
of my father's mobile home
i dried my eyes and walked
a half-mile in the snow
man, it was cold

my brother told me
that i should not go alone
then he got angry
and i drove to ilwaco
and i stole cigarettes
from the drugstore

rip out the pages if you can
it's history
no one understands

and you were born
with a name you can't give back
you were just a kid
reading paperbacks
while your mother laughed

and all the good went bad
(they did the drugs
and you sang the songs
everyone was happier with you gone)

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